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    Topic: PCAARRD TRAINING's Zoom Meeting-Training-workshop on Risk Management of R&D Project Implementation, Oct. 3-7 & 10-14, 2022
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  • Introduction

  • Expectation Setting

  • Pre-test

  • Review of the Program/ Project Life Cycle and the ISP Program Cycle

  • Project Management Process Group

  • ISP Project Risk Management Framework

  • Risk Management Process: stages and key actors

  • DOST-PCAARRD's Risk Management Plan & Updates of R&D Completed and Ongoing Projects from 2021-2022

  • Risk Analysis

  • Risk Action Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and Continuous Improvement

  • DOST-PCAARRD's Financial and Administrative Matters to Consider in Drafting the Risk Management Plan of R&D Projects

  • Workshop Outputs

  • Post-test

  • Collaterals

  • CSF for Non-Degree Training

  • Certificate of Completion